I Miss Montreal Food

Making All Of Canada Local

At I Miss MY Food, we know how important your favourite restaurant is to you.  Life takes us on a journey, filled with memories that are triggered by our sense of smell and taste.  These are the restaurants that mark so many milestones.  We relive those memories with you one meal at a time.  Connecting amazing restaurants, delis and bakeries from all across our great nation with Canadians, no matter where you live, we are making ALL of Canada local!    Delivering from the best delicacies our country has to offer, right to your front door.  No more delivery zone!  You are no longer limited to the restaurants within 5 kilometers from your home.  

We have travelled from Marystown Newfoundland all the way to Nanaimo British Columbia and from the most southern tip of Canada at Point Pelee near Windsor Ontario to the far north of Fort St John British Columbia.  We have seen quite a bit of this marvellous nation, and we have eaten everywhere!  We want YOU to enjoy the best of what Canada had to offer.

A New Ethical Delivery Business Model

From the beginning we committed ourselves to an ethical business framework.  Other delivery services are charging restaurants up to 30% for their delivery services.  Not us.  We are cognisant of the small margins restaurants have to work with.  How can a restaurant survive with these over the top commissions and fees.    Our ethical business framework means charging restaurants 0% commission on each order.  No set up fees.  Zero subscription costs.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  We want every order received on our platform to be equal in profit to a customer that was eating at their establishment.  Not only do we want restaurants to survive; we want them to thrive.  I Miss MY Food is expanding a restaurant’s local customer base to almost 40,000,000 people across Canada, making ‘delivery zones’ a thing of the past, and making all of Canada local.